Unique experience in Biarritz : Discovering Basque pelota


A typical sport of the Basque Country

Basque pelota is an ancestral game originating from the Basque Country. There are several variations of this game, but the most popular is hand pelota, where two players compete to hit a ball with their hand against a wall. Basque pelota has a long history and is considered a key element of Basque culture. Today it is practiced both for its competitive aspect and for its cultural and social dimension.

In partnership with the Saint-Julien Hotel in Biarritz, Ona pilotafounded by the brothers Patxi & Jon, offers you a unique experience around the Basque pelota!



initiation to the cesta Punta

Discover the Basque pelota with the world champions of Cesta Punta. Patxi & Jon will accompany you throughout this adventure to allow you to immerse yourself in the universe of this traditional sport.

You will have the opportunity to discover the subtleties of the instrument and to compete in wild games. Patxi and Jon's expert advice will help you master the instrument in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Get ready to become a Basque pelota expert!


A traditional know-how

The Tambourindeguy brothers, world champions of Cesta Punta, have created their workshop Ona Pilota in Bidart, in the Basque Country. Meaning "Good Pelota", this workshop is dedicated to the manufacture and repair of chisteras and pelotes. Cesteros are rare in France and few of them are willing to share their know-how. That's why Patxi, with a background in wood production and a passion for wood, had to train himself. He learned his trade by working alongside experts in France and the US.

This unique know-how has been gathered in the Ona Pilota workshop, where Patxi has passed on his expertise to his brother Jon. A visit to the Ona Pilota workshop is a unique opportunity to discover this rare and artisanal craft with passionate and experienced world champions.

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