Zero waste on the horizon 🚭

Tree6clope is an environmental association which fights against the pollution caused by the butts thrown on the ground. It collects and recycles butts from individuals, restaurants, communities and companies, and carries out awareness-raising activities. Cigarette butts are non-biodegradable waste . That's why Tree6clope is developing a vast network of cigarette butt collection in order to feed a recycling/recovering sector and to make a multitude of actors aware of the toxic impact of a cigarette butt in the environment. Any structure, whatever its size and its financial means, can join the approach, become an actor on its territory and thus contribute actively to make things change.

Thrown on the ground, carried in the gutters to the sewers, rivers and finally to the ocean and its beaches, cigarette filters are among the most collected items each year during beach cleanups. With this in mind, we have installed collection points for these cigarette butts at the entrance to the hotel.Did you know ?

  • Cigarette filters are the most collected waste on the beaches every year. Since you are reading this description, every second, approximately 37,000 cigarette butts have been thrown into nature around the world.
  • A cigarette butt contains more than 4000 toxic and eco-toxic substances that impact biodiversity and human health.
  • It is estimated that 850,000 tons of cigarette butts end up in nature each year, the total volume of the Mont-Blanc.
  • 5600 billion filter cigarettes were produced in 2002 and it is expected that 9200 billion will be produced by 2025.
  • In 10 years, the mass of plastic in the oceans will be greater than the mass of fish.
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