Looking for a moment of relaxation all to yourself? The Saint-Julien hotel, just a stone's throw from the Basque coast, is the ideal haven for pampering. Discover our range of facial and body treatments, as well as the expertise of a professional waxer.

- Open Monday to Sunday, 9am to 8pm.
And can be booked up to 24 hours in advance by contacting the hotel reception.


Tailor-made treatments by Marine mugnier

Marine is a seasoned masseuse with 30 years' experience in the art of massage. Passionate about her craft, she excels in creating customized massages. Her expert hands bring relaxation and well-being to her customers, offering personalized relief for their specific needs. Take time for yourself in total serenity.
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The prestige massage offer

You can modulate its duration and intensity, as well as the areas you prefer to focus on, such as the back or legs.

- 45-minute massage: €75

- 1h massage: €90

- 1h30 massage: €130

- 2h00 massage: €170

Reservations by e-mail: contact@hotel-saint-julien-biarritz.fr or by telephone: +33 5 59 24 20 39


Hand and foot care and waxing

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation, and trust Marine Mugnier for a complete treatment of your feet, hands and also hair removal in Saint-Julien.
- Hands: from €45
- Foot beauty: from €40
- hair removal: from 11€.


A yoga teacher and holistic therapist, she has trained in various types of massage based on traditional Chinese medicine. Reflexology in particular. This therapeutic practice relies on the stimulation of reflex zones, generally located on the feet, skull and hands.

his holistic approach to well-being can help relieve stress, improve circulation, reduce muscular tension and promote an overall sense of relaxation and well-being .This treatment is a natural way to promote your health and vitality. Discover our treatments >


Facial care by Alice Chavanne

Alice Chavanne, expert and passionate about skin, has been helping women and men to better understand their skin for many years. Through coaching and facial massages, she transmits a new outlook, a new connection to oneself and to one's skin.

Treat yourself to a draining and lifting facial massage inspired by Kobido. This comprehensive massage works all the features of the face, neck, décolleté and scalp. It tones and remodels areas that have lost tone or volume. It smoothes wrinkles, firms skin and enhances radiance. Discover the treatments menu >


Draining facial massage offer

The treatment lasts 1h00 and costs 110€. Alice will work on the skin, using several tools: her hands, guashas, suction cups, an acupressure stylus, cryosticks and an LED mask.

It is particularly suited to the following needs:

- First or established wrinkles
- Sagging skin
- Dull, tired complexion
- Swollen face
- Acne, eczema, rosacea

Reservations by e-mail: contact@hotel-saint-julien-biarritz.fr or by telephone: +33 5 59 24 20 39

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